What happens in a lesson?

The Alexander Teacher uses touch and gentle guidance with the hands to give the pupil the experience of better movement and posture.  A typical lesson may include learning simple activities like standing, sitting, walking, bending, voice and breathing work. The pupil may lie on a table, in the classic Alexander semi-supine position, while the teacher makes small changes.

Musicians have brought their instruments.  I have brought garden tools in from the shed.  There is a saddle for riders, and others.  I have been out to pupil’s cars and bicycles.  Mothers have breast fed their babies and practised putting them in their cots.

The number of lessons needed varies from person to person and depends on their needs and goals.  People can benefit from as few as six lessons, but more may be helpful.

If after a few lessons, you want to try Pilates, you may, but it is entirely up to you.  Pilates expands our awareness of our habits and actions into more areas, and takes us out of the narrow range of positions and movement that modern life often imposes.

The details

Lessons are individual, last 45 minutes, and can be tailored to the wishes of the pupil: pure Alexander Technique, Pilates, or a combination of the two.  I teach Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9 until 6:15.

I charge £55 per lesson.  There are discounts for students.  The full price will be charged if a lesson is missed without 24 hours notice.