good technique minimizes risk – in exercise, in life

Pilates is a mind – body exercise system that will improve strength including core strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

You will look and feel better.  And yes, you will have a flatter stomach, but the benefits of Pilates go well beyond a flat stomach, and there is more to core strength than abdominals!  There are core muscles all over the body, and strengthening these can protect joints and realign the body.

The Alexander Technique teaches good movement and postural patterns focusing on daily activities.  Pilates expands the movement repertoire, teaching and reinforcing good coordination as well as flexibility and strength.

Body Control Pilates is a modern, British development of classical Pilates which incorporates the latest findings from medical and sports research.  Body Control Pilates took the very demanding classical mat exercises and broke them down into easier, simpler components.  This meant the Pilates method was available to everyone, regardless of age or fitness, and did not need special equipment.

LISTEN to Jane’s audio interview about the Alexander Technique and Pilates:


“After many years of Alexander lessons I found that the right thing was never going to happen by itself because the muscle strength wasn’t there to enable it to happen.  Pilates gave me the necessary strength and support to allow my singing to move to a new level.  Something which my singing teacher independently commented on.

I find it completely natural to take the self-awareness of the Alexander Technique into Pilates.  Pilates feel like a dynamic sister to the Alexander Technique.”
– Sally, Cambridge

“Pilates and Alexander go together so well – they complement each other. What you learn from one helps the other.”
– Lucy, Cambridge

“I don’t know how anyone can do Pilates without Alexander.  It makes all the difference to applying the benefits of Pilates to daily life.  And it makes it easier to understand the exercises so you can do them properly.”
– Laura, Cambridge