Comments on a first Alexander lesson

Amanda came for her first Alexander lesson a few weeks ago. She was motivated to try Alexander Technique because of her poor posture and painful shoulders.  A couple of hours after her lesson I received this email.

‘So I just drove home and how strange to notice, my driving position seemed much further away from the streering wheel, making me want to re-position it.  I didn’t but maintained the “new posture” with the result that I noticed my driving was naturally slower and more controlled, less of a rush.  Also found myself spontaneously taking deep breaths on the drive! how unusual and kind of like having been stretched at a yoga lesson……’

A few lessons later she said to me   ‘I’ve had massages in the past when my shoulders have been tight and painful.  After my first lesson with you I felt like I had had the deepest massage of my life.  But you hardly touched me!’

Thank you for this Amanda and I will post more gems of unsolicited testimonial as they come.



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