How Not to Feel Your Age

We have had a big building project on at our house which has resulted in the need for lots of painting. I have been crawling around the floor sanding and painting skirting boards, reaching up to paint ceilings, and generally getting into awkward positions –  while still needing good eye hand coordination.

It occurred to me that some people would find it difficult to do this in their mid sixties.  It is a fact we loose suppleness and strength as we age.  It may be true that ‘you are as old as you feel [at least in your head]’; but ageing is not a figment of the imagination!

This is where Pilates helps, and one of the reasons I decided to learn to teach it to my Alexander Technique pupils.  Many of the aches, pains and disabilities of aging can be avoided or at least postponed by regular stretching and muscle conditioning.  Good posture and coordination are not enough to allow you to climb a ladder, lift a heavy sack, or paint the skirting boards with ease – not once you are past the first flush of youth.  There may be some stiffness the next day from unaccustomed activity, so knowing some simple exercises to ease it out is useful. There are no excuses not to go up the ladder again!

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