High Intensity Interval Training and the importance of technique

High Intensity Interval Training has been much in the news here in Britain since Dr Michael Mosley’s TV documentary over a year ago.  I’ve seen the TV show, read the book,* I’m still waiting for the tee shirt. There is nothing new about interval training, but the new science about the health benefits is impressive.

The TV documentary showed Michael Mosley almost literally ‘busting a gut’ he was pulling down so much as he cycled as hard as he could for 20 seconds.  I have started attacking every hill at top speed on my usual bike routes to get in some HIT, and have to say that it does encourage one to pull down and hunch up something awful.  One of the criticisms of ‘Fast Exercise’ is that if you spend your day hunched over a computer, hunching over a stationary bike is not the best way to exercise.

But, you don’t have to give into the urge, you can continue to be upright, broad shouldered, and still give it all you’ve got.  Good technique, whether it is Alexander Technique, or cycling technique is important. It will deliver more health benefits with fewer injuries.  It is never just what you do, but how you do it.

*Fast Exercise by M. Mosley with P. Bee, Short Books 2013

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