Sofas – Matt Rudd of The Sunday Times finally gets it!

“What’s going on with our sofas? They’re getting softer, slouchier and more uncomfortable – and they’re damaging our health. It’s time for a sit – down protest, says Matt Rudd” This from the Home Section of the Sunday Times, March 24, 2016.

I was saying this back in 1997. Pupils were complaining of back ache from sitting on their, or their friends sofas as well as other seats they encountered. I spent years, yes years, looking for arm chairs and sofas for my own home that were comfortable and not an aesthetic disaster. So incensed was I, that I started the Campaign for Better Seating to raise awareness of the link between bad furniture, bad posture, and back pain.

A good seat, like a good mattress, should support the body allowing the muscles to relax in a good posture. Most are too low, too soft, too deep. The sitter ends up in a C shaped slump, harmful for the spine, the digestion and the breathing. There is more to good design than appearance. A chair is a tool for sitting, and like any tool, should be functional.

Sitting can seriously damage your health!

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