Alexander Awareness Week Oct 8 -14

October 8 – 14 is the 9th Alexander Technique Awareness Week!  The theme this year is Poised for Life.  It is possible to try the Technique by having a half price lesson from participating teachers.  Most teachers will be participating – I certainly will.  Just get in touch with a teacher, or ask for a voucher to give to a friend or family member who hasn’t yet tried the Technique for themselves.  Voucher’s can be used for at least a month after the Awareness Week.

The first Alexander Awareness Week was in 2004 to commemorate F.M. Alexander arriving in London from Australia in 1904.  He had been teaching there for some years and was known as the Breathing Man because of his work with people with breathing and throat problems.  Alexander started his work because of his own problems with breathing and speaking on stage.  To find out more about F.M. Alexander, or the Awareness Week, go to the profession’s website at

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