Playing with Posture – new Alexander Technique book

I have just finished reading the latest Alexander book -‘ Playing with Posture, positive child development with the Alexander Technique’ by Cambridge Alexander Teacher Sue Holladay – and can thoroughly recommend it.  Written as a guide for parents, it would be just as useful for school teachers, music teachers or anyone involved with children.   Parents themselves, or even non-parents, will find it a helpful companion when having Alexander lessons.  The Technique is explained simply and clearly. The book is full of useful ideas for applying the Alexander Technique in all areas of life, from dealing with over excited children to dealing with the vacuum cleaner.  There is an extensive list of games to play with children to instil body and mind awareness, poise and grace, good posture and coordination, but in a fun, creative way.  Some of these could be useful for adults as well.

The word playing in the title is significant, and it has a great cover!  To have a look, or buy the book, price £9.99, go to

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